Mission and Service

involved in our global community


In the United Church of Canada, we decide together what mission and ministry to support. We also pool our financial resources to support this work. This pool of money is called the Mission and Service Fund. It is made up of voluntary gifts and together we use it to fund our worship, our church organization, our ministry, and God’s mission.


Throughout the year, ESG has special services and/or events where we promote the work of the M&S Fund and have opportunities to give financially. You can give to the M&S Fund anytime, directly through our church, or at our worship service. In 2016, ESG contributed $102,642 for Mission and Service.To get a sense of some of these partnerships, and what these funds support, visit Mission and Service at a Glance.


The M&S Fund is the only fund in which members and friends of the United Church pool their givings. Gifts are also given by members to their local church, but it is through the Mission and Service Fund that we collectively live our creed "to be the Church, to celebrate God's presence, to live with respect in Creation, to love and serve others, and to seek justice and resist evil."


M&S work includes ministry support, theological colleges, presbyteries and Conferences, core funding to 170 churches, chaplaincies, overseas personnel, global work, outreach work in Canada, justice and environmental advocacy, ecumenical partnership, partnership overseas, and the list goes on.


Also, each year emergency funds are allocated in the budget from the Mission and Service Fund for response to emergency needs in countries of the global South. Having such a fund on hand enables the United Church to respond rapidly when needs are critical. In addition to the Mission and Service Fund "emergencies" budget, we also regularly draw on United Church equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to respond to critical food needs in other countries.