Having trouble using our new site? Check below first for our most frequently asked questions. If you still are without the answer you need just simply email our webmaster with the issue or comment @ online Comments for the WebMaster (Daphne Hunt).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What resolution does my screen have to be at to view this site?

A: Your Settings should be set at 1024 x 728 for optimal viewing. To change this right click your mouse and scroll to the Properties option. Select settings and move to 1024 x 728 pixels. Also ensure your colours are set at Highest 32 bit.

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Q2: I have a MAC - has this site been tested for MAC?

A: Unfortunately we have not been able to test this site on a MAC platform. For optimal viewing use a PC and a recent browser - such as Internet Explorer 7.0 , Netscape 8.1 or Mozilla Firefox 8.0. Please note there is an issue with email links launching with Netscape 7.1 - upgrading to the 8.1 will solve this issue.

Q3: I do not have the ability to view Adobe PDFs on my computer. Is the download you provide safe and what does it cost?

A: A PDF is a online reader which takes various types of documents and formats them into a universal format which can be read by anyone who downloads the Adobe Reader software. The software is free and safe to download to your computer. To download the software click here to access the online download.

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Q4: My group/committee/event would like to add our information to the web site? How do we do this?

A: It is easy - just download the form and email it to the webmaster or drop it off in the Communications Committee maibox at the church. As soon as possible the content will be added to the site.

Q5: Why is my group/committee/event advertisement not located on the homepage?

A: All content on the site is reviewed and assigned a place according to a predetermined set of rules laid out by the ministerial staff and the web site committee. Every effort possible will be made to give your group/committee/event real estate in the appropriate section of the site according to these guidelines.

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Q6: Can my event have it's own web page?

A: Moving forward there are no plans to continue creating satellite sites for individual events. The day-to-day management of the ESG web site is a large task and we have opted to focus on this task. We of course are happy to include your event with an individual page outlining all of it's details and contact information. Contact your web master with the form mention above in Q4.

Q7: I am not comfortable seeing my image on the web site; what can I do?

A: Send an email to the web master and it will be removed immediately. Your privacy and comfort is our first priority so keep us informed.

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Q8: I see a photo(s) on the site I would like to have for my own use - is this possible?

A: Send an email to the web master as many of the photos are taken by the web site committee or local church resources. If it is available we will send it to you by email. For many photos in the archive you can copy them to your computer by right clicking your mouse and using the save as function (but for larger versions follow the instructions above).

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Q9: I am finding the text on the site too small for my reading needs - is there anything I can do?

A: The current site is built at 10 pt text and adapted for the web the current offline branding platform, hence the colour choices for the site. To resize your text follow these simple instructions using the browser Internet Explorer 6.0:

1. Open browser and click onto
2. Select VIEW from the upper nav of the browser window.
3. Scroll to Text Size - default is usually MEDIUM.
4. Select LARGER or LARGEST to increase the text size (note: some site distortion may occur).

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Q10: Do I need high speed to download videos and/or audio sermons from our web site?

A: While high speed is not required download times will be much slower - actual download capabilities are outlined by your service provider at time of contract signing. If you want to test your broadband speed use this helpful tool provided by CBC's Marketplace in tandem with a recent story on service providers (worth a read if you feel you are slow or perhaps paying for more speed than you are actually getting):

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Q10: What software can I use to view videos and/or audio sermons from our web site?

A: Software such as Real Player or Windows Media Player are free downloads that will allow you to view and or listen to the videos and/or audio sermons from our web site. To download the respective versions please click on the links below to access the download pages from the software provider's web site:

Download: Real Player 11.0

Download: Windows Media Player 11.0

Please note that ESG does not control the requests for personal information - such as your email, name, etc - from these providers but acknowledges this is standard procedure to use their applications which are free.

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If you do not have Adobe Acrobat to read PDFs, a free download is available at the Adobe site. Please be assured it is safe and will not harm your computer.

Last updated: September 10, 2008

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